With a focus on simple yet powerful websites, I love creating websites that my clients feel empowered to update on their own.

While Squarespace is my preferred platform I also work with Wix, Weebly, and WordPress.

Words in the Wild

With design assistance from Friday, I created the structure of the website and provided the majority of the photos for this nature-based literacy nonprofit.  

Parenting Connection of Monterey County

This nonprofit was looking for a refreshed website that was easier to navigate on mobile than their previous site. The Executive Director already knew she wanted to use Squarespace so she could easily make updates on her own. I provided the structure and design for all the pages using the content provided and then gave the ED a tutorial so she felt comfortable updating and adding to the website herself.

Healing America’s Narratives

This self-published author needed a website to showcase his reviews, events, and updates. He wanted to be able to update it himself so we used WordPress since that’s the platform he was most familiar with. 

Practical Preppers

Helping urban households get prepared for an emergency via easy to use worksheets, product recommendations and individualized services. I designed the site to include affiliate links, along with information products, services, and events pages.

Everyday Bites

I designed the site, took the photos and update the recipe blog.

Birth Network of Monterey

This local nonprofit needed a current website to make their many resources and lists of providers easier to navigate. Through a collaborative process designed to fully understand their needs, I created a clean, easy to navigate website and also set up some back end systems to make event registration less cumbersome. 

ABCs of Sex Education

This Kenyan-based nonprofit was looking to refresh their website while switching to a platform that required both less maintenance and looked better on mobile (which is how the majority of folk access their website). By switching to Squarespace I was able to fulfill those requests as well as design a fun, bold website that plays off the primary colors of their original logo.

Books on B

Created for a local independent bookshop. Designed to be easy to navigate and easy for the client to update.

Passion Purveyors

This website got a facelift, with a new design, new photos plus a full tutorial so the owner can manage updates.


With the tagline, “Helping you tell the story of a lifetime,” AfterWords is a boutique writing business that helps the recently bereaved with custom written eulogies, obituaries, and end of life celebrations. I designed and created the website to be simple and easy to navigate, with a somber, elegant look.

Palabra Center

Created for a therapist and trainer looking to expand her presence beyond a social media page, the website was designed to simply convey her breadth of skills and offerings. 


Holiday Bowl Documentary

Created for a local business owner turned documentary film producer, this site included an interactive memorabilia page as well as e-commerce for selling hard copies of the documentary as well as via Vimeo. 

Two Tiny Homes

I created this website to document and share our tiny home build process.


Discussing environmental, social, and political problems and solutions through storytelling. They publish stories about everything from climate change to feminist causes, with clear actions and takeaways so that readers feel empowered to contribute to a solution.

The First Bites

Created and maintained the website for a client that wanted to share food recipes and helpful advice for baby’s first year.