dubrovnick flood

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Rick Steves claims that Dubrovnik, Croatia is a ˝not to be missed fairytale of a town!˝ True as that may be, with its perfectly preserved walls and compact layout, I doubt he was here during the rainy season. I ventured out early this morning to set up a day excursion. Only to be told there […]


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Floating down the Mekong. Running past the Vatican. Sitting on the rooftop in Fez, listening to the chorus of calls to prayer. Hearing a new friends life story in the course of a single train ride. Savoring the best hot chocolate in the world at the Museo del Chocolate. Being sung Frank Sinatra songs–in perfectly […]


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So it turns out I’m one of “those girls” that your mom warned you about. Fast, impulsive and an addict. An ink addict to be specific. My addiction started innocently enough, just after college graduation with my first ink in Italy. Since then I haven’t been able to stop myself. Italy, Switzerland and France eased […]


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Perhaps you’ve noticed, or maybe I’ve mentioned it, but I’m just not so good at doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I can sit around the table with a glass of wine and good friends for as long as anyone, but I’m horrible at sunbathing and there’s very little on tv that can keep my […]

Morning! (Lao style!)

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I’ll admit, I didn’t use to be as flexible and tolerant of less-than-ideal situations. But since I’ve started traveling more and more the past few years, that has clearly changed. I’m down with the crappy beds, the offensive toilets, the long bus rides, the questionable behavior and the totally different mindsets. I can deal with […]

loo with a view

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I knew exactly what I did not want to do. I did not want to shove kayaking, cycling and trekking all into one ridiculously rushed trip. I did not want to carry everything I needed for three days on my back. The sleeping bag. The mosquito net. The water. The food. In addition to my […]