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every single week i am humbled. i am blown-away. embarrassed. and filled with joy.  every tuesday for two hours, i put aside my “troubles” and focus on someone else for a couple hours. i teach a Nepalese family how to understand, speak, read and write English. though mostly what i do is help them learn […]

travel nurse: 0 me: 4

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so far my experiences with the travel nurse have been pretty bad, so i decided to try a different location. i figured it would be better in new place. santa clara seems nice. no such luck. same results. same incompetent, cluelessness. same confusion about how long i was going to be gone, what countries i […]

buenos aires

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forgetting… …what city you´re in …what continent you´re on …what day it is …what time it is …what you do …why you do it having all the time in the world not to worry about any of it and… remembering… …who you are …what you love to do …why you love it …how you love […]

when traveling becomes traveling

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the delayed flights. two hours. three hours. six hours. the gate changes. the freezing airports. the unsmiling security and surly ticket takers. the taxi driver that´s out to win. the taxi driver that follows the rules when no one else does. no seat belts. trains with glass ceilings to see snow-capped mountains. trains with small […]

the travel nurse

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For those of you that have never had the pleasure of working with the travel nurse at kaiser, I pity you. Because once you have survived the perils of that appointment, whatever third world country you were heading to will seem like a breeze. The travel nurse is meant to give you advice about your […]

fez is a very big city

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and so the wise words of richard gilmore hold true. fez is a big city. a confusing city. an amazingly arabic city. the huge vats of dye contrast absurdly with the tv dishes that populate the horizon everywhere you look. the constant attention from the men can become overwhelming in a matter of moments. yet […]