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Perhaps you’ve noticed, or maybe I’ve mentioned it, but I’m just not so good at doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I can sit around the table with a glass of wine and good friends for as long as anyone, but I’m horrible at sunbathing and there’s very little on tv that can keep my […]

Morning! (Lao style!)

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I’ll admit, I didn’t use to be as flexible and tolerant of less-than-ideal situations. But since I’ve started traveling more and more the past few years, that has clearly changed. I’m down with the crappy beds, the offensive toilets, the long bus rides, the questionable behavior and the totally different mindsets. I can deal with […]

loo with a view

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I knew exactly what I did not want to do. I did not want to shove kayaking, cycling and trekking all into one ridiculously rushed trip. I did not want to carry everything I needed for three days on my back. The sleeping bag. The mosquito net. The water. The food. In addition to my […]

Happy Thanksgiving

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Movie, cup of tea, free wifi and a comfy couch… $1 Someone else doing a weeks worth of my dirty laundry… $2 One-hour massage with the proceedes benifiting the Red Cross… $5 All-day cooking class at a "five-star" Loation resturaunt (and gettingoro eat everything)… $25 Being really thankful for spending Thanksgiving in Laos while watching […]


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So, shockingly, I can be a bit of a micromanager. I generally have multiple “to do” lists of varying categories. I know how I like things done- most efficently-though I will now conceed there are many “right” ways to do something. Anyway, the point is that I sometimes have a hard time just sitting and […]