Water in an Insecure World

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It’s a sunny March afternoon in the San Francisco Bay Area and it hasn’t rained in more than a week, so my neighbors are watering their lawn. And why shouldn’t they, with all of the rain that we’ve gotten in California this winter? There’s clearly not a drought anymore.  If only it were that simple.  […]

Setback for Organic Livestock & Poultry

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Last year I wrote a featured article on the proposed updates to the National Organic Program livestock and poultry regulations that would have covered animal living conditions, animal care, transport, and slaughter. These proposed standards reflect 15 years of discussion, feedback, and support from consumers, organic producers, and certifiers.

Rebuilding for Both of Us

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Not to be dramatic or anything, but two days after returning from our honeymoon, I got a text from my husband that changed our lives: I need you to drive me to the ER. A knee to the jaw during jujitsu split Kevin’s lip, but the ER doctor was more concerned about his concussion symptoms, […]

Rule of Three for Survival

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You’re out hiking and get a little turned around. Before you know it, night has fallen and you’re completely lost. Your cell phone lost service hours ago so you’re not sure if you’re 3 miles or 30 miles from your campsite. You realize you’re sleeping out in the wild tonight. What should you do first?  […]


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First things first… what’s with all the acronyms at MIIS? Oh man, I just used another one! Seriously though, the school has an acronym (MIIS), my degree has an acronym (IEP) and this cool program I did over my j-term has an acronym (DPMI). But what exactly does it mean? Well, I’m glad you asked… Development Project […]

Without a Trace…

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It’s officially here! All my hard work this summer has come together in one report that was printed and announced yesterday! Without a Trace II: An Updated Summary of Traceability Efforts in the Seafood Industry can be downloaded using that link or on this page. It’s an expanded (50 pages, to be exact) version of […]