Hi, I’m so glad you’re here!

You’re compassionate and driven, you dream big and want to help others, but being a mission-driven nonprofit or entrepreneur can feel overwhelming at times.

You know that resonating with your ideal clients will help you grow your organization in an organic way. And you’re sure that a more supportive ecosystem of tools will give you peace of mind, knowing that everything is humming along smoothly in the background. But you’re not quite sure how to put all the pieces together. Or you simply don’t have the time.

That is what I love to do. So what are you waiting for? Let’s chat – hello@tamiweiss.co

Hi, I’m Tami!

I’m your one-stop shopping for clarifying your vision, clearly communicating your business offerings and streamlining your business systems.

The folks I work with are tired of not attracting the kind of clients they want and frustrated by fighting with systems that aren’t supportive. They’re ready to do the work they’re called to do, with grateful clients and streamlined systems that make running a business easier.

I’ve always been a renaissance woman but it’s taken me a while to get here — at the perfect intersection of my strengths and passions.

It all started back in 2nd grade when I won a bike by writing a 500-word essay on recycling. As an only child, I constantly had my nose buried in a book or was reorganizing the tupperware cupboard. Yep, I’ve always been an organization nerd. High school rolled around, I joined the school newspaper and was chosen Editor-in-Chief my senior year. Fixing every last word, finalizing headlines, picking the best photos for the layout – I loved it all, as it was the perfect balance between critical thinking and creativity.

But somehow in the chaos of college, I decided that writing and organizing wasn’t a “real job.” Since I loved science and wanted to save the trees got my BA in Environmental Studies & Biology at UC Santa Cruz. I took my fancy new degree and got an awesome job in the Education and Conservation department at the Oakland Zoo. Yet, after a couple years I realized something was missing. So I quit and moved to Rome for a year. I taught English, enjoyed the food, and rode slow trains around the continent. After Europe I kept traveling, volunteering with various organizations working on issues ranging from literacy to weaving collectives to wildlife rehabilitation. 

In between traveling, I worked as a jane-of-trades, doing everything from program development to event planning and management to operations, in a small youth nonprofit. I also tried my hand as a personal chef and food blogger for a bit. Those years I traveled and worked were some of the most carefree and enjoyable of my life, yet something inside me was convinced I needed a “real job.”

So I made my way to Middlebury Institute of International Studies and earned my MA in International Environmental Policy. I worked with various organizations in the Monterey Bay that focused on food systems, developing curriculum, putting on events, teaching, researching, and writing white papers.

After finishing grad school I found that “real job” with an office to go to and everything, working for an organic certifier. It was there that I really started to understand our industrial food system and everything that’s allowed in our food. That new knowledge came at a perfect time, as I suddenly started having digestive issues. I struggled for months to figure out the problem, but soon it started affecting my quality of life. I was already working with an acupuncturist to help manage my symptoms from endometriosis and she recommended I get tested for food sensitivities. With the help of a naturopath, we identified the culprits and then worked with a nutritionist to shift my diet in a sustainable, supportive way. Without the support of specialists, I imagine I’d still be struggling.

Professionally, I transitioned to a more creative role within the organization, putting on food safety trainings, assisting with development goals and running the annual conference. I wrote blog posts, email campaigns, and grants and took photos for the foundation report, events and general stock images. It was in that job that I remembered how much I love writing, organizing, and strategic planning.

I probably would have stayed on for a few more years but sometimes life has different plans.

Shortly after returning from our honeymoon in Ecuador, my black-belt husband got kneed in the head while practicing jiu-jitsu. Our initial relief that his jaw wasn’t broken was quickly replaced by the daunting reality that he had a concussion. A bad one. One that would take a couple years to fully recover from and in the meantime would change our lives.

But you know the saying, “When life hands you lemons…” so even though we didn’t really want to make lemonade, we simplified our lives, reduced our overhead and focused on getting him better. We decided to use this unplanned life change to commit to something we always said we’d do “someday” — build our own tiny house.

That one small decision has shaped so many other aspects of our life.

As my husband started getting better and I was able to focus on my own career again, I knew I wanted to pursue work and activities that were more meaningful to me — things that I could say “hell yes!” to.

For me, that meant switching to a more creative livelihood. Believing that I don’t have to go to an office and work for someone else for the job to be real. Getting back to that compulsive organizer and dedicated writer. Taking time for photography and vision boards. Getting to help amazing entrepreneurs make their own dreams a reality. 

These days when I’m not working with clients, I’m probably playing with my daughter or working on our tiny house on wheels. During those rare moments of downtime, you’ll find me drinking coffee over brunch, hiking, lounging at the beach, cooking, reading or doing yoga.

So what about you… do you want to have more energy for your clients and more time for life? How can I help you streamline your business and make that vision a reality? 

Learn more about how I can help you. Reach out today…